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Our betting calculator user guide:

1. First step is that you need to select a bet– There are a range of betting selections for you to choose from, just look in the drop down menu.

2. Second step is for you to select your stake– This step is where you enter the amount you want to place on your bet. Think carefully, depending on how much or how little you bet will change your winnings.

3. Select your odds – This selection allows you to choose from either decimal or fractional betting odds. This is a useful tool as different bookies will offer their bets in both forms.

4. Horse Racing Odds – The next step is to enter the different odds of the horse race you are betting on. If you enter actual figures from bookmakers then you will be given a correct result.

5. Odds Calculator – By clicking on the “Calculate” button our site will return the betting stats based on the figures that you entered in the previous steps.

6. Horse Betting Results – From the stakes and odds that you entered into our calculator we will return the betting results which can be used as a handy guide to work out which horse and which races to bet on at the Grand National.

Do you have your free bets and betting odds? If not visit our free bet pages for the Grand National and see all the latest bookmaker offers today.