Fancy a winner in the 2017 Grand National? Why not try something a little different…

Our tipsters over at have come up with a rather novel way of predicting the winner of this years’ Grand National. Come on, it’s worth a try…


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OK let me ask you, how many times have you visited the races with your wife/girlfriend/mistress in tow and while you patiently pour over the race card, picking up points of form, winning trainers, in-form jockeys before carefully selecting your horse, your good lady chooses a 50/1 shot from her favourite colour or the fact that ‘the horse had lovely eyes and seemed to wink at me in the parade ring’ and hers romps home to victory whilst yours limps meekly over the finish line a few minutes after the rest of the field are safely tucked up in their horse-boxes?

It’s a fact of life I’m afraid and it has probably happened to us all, which begs the question… Is there another approach to picking a winner which we haven’t considered seriously before? One which is just as likely to bring success as spending hours studying The Racing Post?

Most of us have tried all methods and whilst none are guaranteed to ‘bash the bookies’, we can at the very least add some enjoyment to our day at the races by taking a different approach…


Here are some startling facts….

Did you know for example that Red is the most common silk colour for Grand National winners since 1970? Or that when Wolverine pops up in a new movie, that only jockeys wearing Green win the race.

It’s a fact!

Dogs also play their part too. Gundogs rarely win Crufts but when they do, be sure that a ten-year-old will win the Grand National (we’re talking about the horse, not the jockey). A Gundog won Crufts this year and the last time it happened, the Grand National winner was a ten-year-old. And also the time before that.

It’s a fact!

A woman Prime Minister also players her part too. A female in power on the day of the Grand National means that a jockey with at least ten letters in his/her name will win, well 90% of the time anyway.

It’s a fact!

With a Tory government in power at the time of the Grand National, the percentage of Bay-coloured winners drops from 53% to 42%.

It’s a fact!


We could go on, but you probably don’t want us to! You can however plunge straight into this novel approach by visiting our sister website and finding out which colours a winning jockey is likely to be wearing when Little Mix have a Number One hit or whether Clare Balding is the presenter or not (it does indeed have a bearing).

Head over to and find a Grand National winner, it’s got to be more fun than looking at The Racing Post!!!


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